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March 7, 2019

Chicago Personal Branding | The Bosses’ Lawyer | Ryenne Shaw

I am beyond thrilled to introduce you to Ryenne Shaw of The Bosses’ Lawyer! After more than 10 years of work as an attorney for various large law firms in Chicago, Ryenne began to notice that small businesses, particularly solo entrepreneurs, were being overlooked. She saw a need in the market for smaller entities to have access to the same level of legal guidance.

Ryenne founded The Bosses’ Lawyer with a vision to provide fundamental legal support accessible to emerging, established, and evolving small business owners and entrepreneurs. It was created to bridge the gap between the level of service and support available to large corporations and that which is generally accessible less savvy and less funded small business owners and entrepreneurs. Ryenne serves to take the guesswork out of starting, operating, and growing a business for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She believes in building small businesses and creating wealth within our communities. With an eye on creating opportunities for women – particularly women of color – she is an advocate for entrepreneurship, financial literacy and financial independence.

Ryenne is a big believer in building trust and genuine relationships with her clients. She is warm and approachable, but no-nonsense what it comes to the real work. After our personal branding session, I booked a discovery call with her to learn more. She was savvy and knowledgeable. Not only was she able to answer my questions thoroughly, but she shared helpful information regarding contracts, trademarks, and entity formation – some areas I may be interested in pursuing down the road.

Ryenne is passionate about her work – and she is also passionate about fashion, shopping, and makeup. Since she is leaving the corporate world behind and working more with female solo entrepreneurs, she wanted to show some of her fun and femininity in her personal branding session. I was all about it, and we had a blast styling the various scenes.

It’s such an honor to get to know a more intimate aspect of my clients’ lives during a personal branding session. Ryenne shared some sweet photos of her son – her pride and joy, as well as her motivation to create a pathway for their lifestyle and for others.

“The Bosses’ Lawyer was born of my own desire to step my entrepreneurial game ALL the way up. When I became a mother to a young son, I realized that there was more to life than going to work and saving my money. I knew that I had to create a future for my children that was sustainable beyond my job and even beyond my own life. When I became a mother, I began my quest to create freedom and generational wealth for my family. Motherhood is the reason I decided it was time to boss up. Now, I’m helping others do the same.”

-Ryenne Shaw



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