Whether you are seeking practices to nurture your heart or to receive guidance in growing your sacred business, each of these offerings has been designed with love and intention to help you cultivate a life of alignment and flourishing!

Where do you need the

I am Here For You, My Friend!

Designed to support you on your journey to heal and remember your innate wholeness, these private sessions are a space for you to be seen and supported

Be held in sacred space as you deepen your practice and come home to yourself again and again.


Join me online or in person in Topsham, UK and St. Petersburg, FL, for restorative yoga and sacred sound and cacao ceremonies. You may also book a private ceremony for a small group of friends or to create a transformative experience for your online coaching, yoga, or wellness programs. 

Yoga, Sound, and cacao ceremony

connect with community with nurturing practice and sacred ceremony

Whether you need beautiful images for your new website, fresh energy for social media marketing, or simply want to document this season in your life, I approach your photography session as sacred space where you are seen and celebrated as you embody your radiance.

Embody your truth in stunning portraits for personal empowerment or to capture the essence of your soul brand story.

soul radiance photography

SOUL brand
Mentor sessions

Choose from a two-hour or half-day SESSION to help you dial in KEY elements of your sacred business.

If you're in the early stages of discovering your vision, crafting your mission, getting clear on your personal medicine, identifying your soul client, honing your offerings, or clarifying the copy of your new website, these 1:1 sessions are designed to support you in listening to your inner wisdom and growing your sacred business. Each session includes a worksheet to prepare for our call and 2 weeks of follow-up Voxer support.

Go all in with this 8 week branding course and 1:1 coaching program. Together we will hone your brand message by exploring your purpose, vision, innate gifts, soul clients, and divine offerings. We will craft copy for your website and explore the aesthetics of your brand such as design, color palette, and imagery. We will also dip our toes into marketing and how to onboard your clients.

+ Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
+ Weekly Guided Meditations and Somatic Practices
+ 8 Course Modules including videos and worksheets
+ Weekly Voxer and Email Support
+ Free access to yoga and sound offerings (online or in-person)

SOUL brand
Mentor sessions

You are invited into sacred space to explore, connect within, and discover how you want to show up in the world.


As we tune into your dreams and goals, together we'll determine the best pathway forward to support you in sharing your soul work.


I love starting with a simple connection call to hear your needs and vision and to determine if if feels aligned for us both to work together.


How it Flows

Join me in mindful rituals and be held in sacred space in yoga, sound and cacao ceremony to connect with your heart, deepen your practice, and come home to yourself.



"Without Olivia I know I wouldn't be where I am today. She taught me so much over our 6 months working together and I am such a more content and stronger person than I was!"

melissa turner

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