Lyric Opera Chicago Wedding | Suzie + Jeff


Suzie and Jeff’s wedding at the Lyric Opera of Chicago was a day full of celebration and laughter. The two met when Suzie was a bridesmaid and Jeff was a guest at a mutual friend’s wedding at The Ivy Room. While they had been in similar circles throughout college at University of Illinois, they didn’t know each other well. Another friend tried to play matchmaker and encouraged Jeff to ask Suzie to dance, but Suzie was shy and avoided him. By the end of the night, however, they were hanging out and joking like old friends…almost. At the post-wedding brunch the following morning, Suzie was hopeful Jeff would ask for her number. He didn’t. But he couldn’t get her out of his mind, and later that day he sent her a Facebook message.

They spent the next three weeks texting back and forth, getting to know one another. Suzie was a grad student at U of I, and so Jeff planned a special trip back to his alma mater to pay Suzie a visit – and if things went well, to ask her to be his girlfriend! After the initial shyness wore off, they found themselves once again laughing and talking as they did at the wedding.

Suzie was crazy about him, and had, in fact, mentioned to her mom after they connected at the wedding that if they started dating, she just knew she would marry him. She had envisioned a life of ritual, coming home every night to the same person, being close to her family; at the time she didn’t have plans to do extensive traveling. As a pilot, Jeff’s life involves a lot of travel, and when Suzie started to shift her idea of what her life might be like, she knew it was because she wanted Jeff in her life for the long term. For Jeff, it was Suzie’s sense of humor, beauty, and intelligence that enchanted him. He was also deeply touched by how thoughtful and romantic she is – and that she equally appreciated his goofiness!

Jeff’s adventurous spirit was contagious, and now travel is a central part of the couple’s life together. When Jeff was getting ready to propose, he invited Suzie on a spontaneous trip. They both showed up at O’Hare Airport without a firm plan. Something about Switzerland felt right, and it was there that Jeff popped the question. Suzie continues to value Jeff’s easygoing approach to life and says it’s a great balance for her. Jeff values Suzie’s sense of romance, and that she keeps a yearly journal of all of their travel together. While they now both love an adventure, their chill nights in with Chipotle are some of the best.

I loved getting to know Suzie and Jeff throughout their engagement and wedding planning process. Suzie’s kindness and Jeff’s lighthearted humor were something I looked forward to in every call and meeting, and it was so beautiful to see their vibrant personalities reflected in every aspect of their wedding at the Lyric Opera of Chicago. Cheers to many more adventures you two!

Yep, this happened! (Shhhh…)

We had to make a stop at the Ivy Room, where it all started.

We stopped at the iconic Wrigley Building for a few city of Chicago photos as well.

And then, of course, we spent some time at the Civic Opera House, capturing some final gorgeous wedding portraits before the reception.

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