Soul Brand Sessions: Soulful Brand Photography for Chicago and Tampa Healers, Yogis, Intuitives, Artists, Musicians, Coaches, and Wellness Practitioners


If you are a healer, artist, counsellor, creative, yogi, dancer, spiritual mentor, mindfulness guide, or wellness practitioner in the Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg area who needs soulful brand photography and/or intuitive brand coaching, it would be my deepest joy to capture your radiance and help you share your magic with the world! Showing up online these days can feel challenging. Whether you need help getting clear on your sacred mission, discovering who your kindred soul clients are, tuning into your authentic voice, sharing your story with ease and impact, or creating some powerful images that really allow you to shine, I am here to support you in the journey.

The promise you make to others about the experience they’ll have with you and how you communicate with the world is your personal brand. Doing that in a way that is in complete alignment with your inspired vision and your higher self is what I like to call your Soul Brand. I help you tune into the alchemy of your Soul Brand through guided meditations, 1:1 intuitive brand coaching, embodiment exercises, inspired worksheets, and soulful personal brand photography.


I’m here for you! Getting to know who you are and capturing the REAL YOU is truly one of my deepest joys and gifts. I want you to look awesome and feel beautiful in your images…but MOST importantly, I want you to see YOU reflected back in your brand photos, so you can connect with the people you most desire to serve.

“Thank you so much for these amazing captures.  They have helped me in a powerful space of reflection for the abundance of this year + setting intentions for what’s to come. As I look through these photos, I notice the pure + raw + vulnerable beauty captured at this sunrise dance on the beach in paradise.” -Julie, Costa Rica
“I had the best time with you today, and I cannot thank you enough for holding space for me in the most sincere and loving way. It helped me show up in a way that I don’t think I have before! And, I had so much fun in the process.” -Nisha

I believe a Soul Brand Session is an energetic exchange. Working together is more than just creating some pretty pictures for Instagram. It is a process of alchemy and co-creation where we both embody empowerment and sacred vulnerability. I am deeply sensitive to all the fears and challenges we can bring into a shoot, especially as womxn. It is my intention to provide a space where you feel free to show up fully as yourself and be captured in your radiant authenticity. I guide you through our photo shoot with playfulness and intention, and through witnessing your energy and essence, I invite you to tune into yourself. And then together, we create MAGIC.

“I loved that you led me in an exercise of grace and lovingkindness. I felt fully witnessed in the process and you really captured who I am in these images. I’m so grateful.” -Emily, Guatemala
“Thank you SO much for these beautiful photos! You really captured the essence of our personalities and the yoga retreat.” -Lisa, Guatemala


Do you feel like you just keep spinning your wheels when it comes to getting soul-aligned clients? Are you struggling with how to show up online? Does it feel difficult to really explain what it is you do and how your work can help others experience healing and transformation? The Intuitive Brand Coaching Experience is designed to help healers, spiritual mentors, and mindfulness practitioners who struggle with marketing your soul work to gain clarity on your brand story, find authentic expression, and share your magic online so you can engage their kindred clients and embody your sacred mission in the world.

Together we walk through a process of meditations, guided visualizations, intuitive journaling exercises, music, and embodiment exercises to help you better tune into your inner guidance. And then we spend time connecting all the dots through inspired worksheets, coaching calls, and voice memo support to help you find clarity in your story so you can share your voice with the world and attract your kindred clients. It’s a deeply creative and spiritual process, and the resulting clarity helps you launch the next phase of your business with confidence and empowerment.

“WOW! Thank you for this beautiful experience. I love the colors and the light. It felt like you really captured ME and in a place that is so dear to my heart.” -Maggie, Portugal
“We found a gem in our “soul branding” sister who is breathing life into our social media pages and helping spread the word about the daily magic happening in our online platform. Thank you for your skillful and heartfelt marketing support, Jenn!” -Marylee, Yoga + Pilates studio owner

I have had the amazing opportunity to travel and photograph yogis and healers across the globe from Italy, Portugal, the UK, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and in the US from Chicago, New York, California, Florida and beyond. I am currently taking on brand coaching clients from anywhere in the world (thanks Zoom!) and soulful personal brand photography sessions in the Tampa Bay and Chicago areas. (I am taking all necessary travel cautions with the pandemic and happy to chat more about this!)

If you are a yogi, Qi Gong instructor, massage therapist, reiki or energy healer, acupuncturist, sound healer, dancer or dance therapist, artist, creative, wellness practitioner, transformational coach, spiritual mentor, musician, intuitive entrepreneur, I would love to hear how I can best support you! Reach out on my contact page, or send me an email at

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